Professional, Nice, and High Performance


This value includes appearance such as proper dress, uniform, grooming and work area. Not to exclude, attitude, training, skills, communication ability and professionalism in all aspects of customer and team member interactions.


A simple word we want uttered by every customer and team member about each other. Nice embodies the feeling we all need in relationships with each other.

High Performance

Every employee on this team is asked if they want to be the best they can be. It is a requirement for joining this team. With that commitment the team and management is committed to help realize the top potential for the good of the team and individual team member. Being Professional, nice and high performance equates to a highly compensated winning team and environment.

Other company Values

• The Kemna organization understands there is a life other than work. We strive to accommodate these life challenges. If an emergency happens, you are expected to deal with it and you can expect 100% support from your team, management and ownership. If the company has an emergency the company expects support for each team member in the same way.

• Work hours and shifts. Normal work hours are part of your position, however at times they may be subject to change based on events and other team conflicts. We always try to accommodate while maintaining a focus on the customer needs and experiences. Attendance and punctuality are values that show respect to our customers and team members.

The Hiring process

1. An application or Resume is the first step. Management from there will invite potential candidates to and interview based on the initial application data. We have a very robust and professional hiring process.

We have a very robust and professional hiring process

2. In the first interview you will be given a Personality Profile Test. The purpose of this test is to determine if you will likely be both successful and happy in the position. Either way we will share the results and what positions you would likely enjoy based on your personality profile. This is a huge benefit to you regardless whether you join our team or not.

3. We may give you an IQ test, also to support your success.

4. If you are offered a position on the team, it will be subject to a drug test.

5. All team members will be trained and mentored for a minimum of 90 days, our normal probation period. A review will be done and that time and determination on your future will be evaluated. Skills will be measured and compared against standards to determine your future growth or time with the company.

Contact Information
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